Greetings everyone,
as of now it is required to setup a Two-Factor Authentication when you register for the first time on Marketplace.

Until now this feature was optional for a user to use, but is now mandatory and will be forced on the next login for existing users.

This is done to improve the general safety of our users accounts and to combat the wave of inactive / fake registrations.

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today the first snapshots got released for TTA & AVL to support MC 1.15 and 1.15.2.

*As of the 14/07/2020 this thread will also contain 1.16 snapshots. Those snapshots or releases can be recognized by a [16] behind the supplied link.*

I am planning push some more snapshots before the official updates get released so keep an eye on that ;)
CTSNC & CBMFC will also receive an update to the newest version, while they should already run on 1.15 with this new TTA snapshot.

Below you will find links to the newest available snapshot for the 1.15 version of those plugins:

TTA: [16]

AVL: [16]


Ultimate PlayerToggle: [16]

FakePlayers: [16]

CTSNC: [16]
*All CTSNC modules are compatible with the same versions as the main CTSNC core*

CTSNC+: [16]

This list will be updated over time as new snapshots are released and more plugins get support for the 1.15 version.

Also please keep in mind that snapshot versions are not final and though can still contain errors even if I don't hope so:rolleyes:
But if you find one, please report it to me or in this thread so it can be...
Greetings everyone,
in the last weeks this website aka. Marketplace was down and many asked what is going on.

The reason for the long downtime were several issues, but the main beeing to rescue all the data between the current version and the last backup. In the future the backups will happen in a shorter schedule.

Another change will be that all plugins will receive the full option to disable the updater so that they also can run (don't take for ever to load up) even if they can't establish a connection to the Marketplace.

A prime example of this change will be AdvancedLogger.

With this said it is still not recommend to disable the updater as you may miss important updates.

In the end I can just apologies to all people that were influenced by the downtime of the website and say thank you to all people that reported their problems and stay loyal to this side.

Also this doesn't mean that the plugins on or the Marketplace itself will be gone anytime soon, there are some huge things to come! ;)

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The last week announced switch to full SSL encryption is now live after some delays.

More information can be found here:

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Hello everyone,
it is time to enable full SSL encryption on the Marketplace to provide the best security measures possible for our users.

But this comes, as so often, with a small drawback as it requires a update in the Marketplace API.
The corresponding wiki article, also linked below, has alreaby been updated and now those changes just need to be implemented in all plugins that use the Marketplace Update Service.

The switch to full SSL encryption will happen on Thursday the 24-01-2019.

This will result in a startup error for all non-updated plugins. (The time until the switch is for all developers to update their plugins)

Marketplace API Wiki:

I hope this post will help to prevent as much problems as possible on & after the switch, by informing you at the earliest point in time possible.

Best Regards,
Today the Marketplace will receive two major updates and several backups.

The estimated down time will be around 30m - 2h.

EDIT: Maintenance done, everything is up and running again.

Best Regards,
At the time of this post, this marketplace has more then 150 users!

While this looks like a small number to most, it is very exiting for me and great to see all of it running.

I really thank all of you for your support, your loyalty and your contribution to develop this amazing place, even though a simple registration!
Today the Marketplace will receive some minor changes and a huge system wide backup.

The estimated down time is around 10-20m.

EDIT: Maintenance done, everything is up and running again.

Best Regards,
Hey everyone,
today the 06/04/2018 a cascade error in the forum database appeared while setting up a open demo for Xenforo 2.0.
The database could not be rescued and we needed to put a backup from the 06/03/2018 on the forum server.

We want to apologize for the inconvenience this caused and we will invest more resources in the future for backups to our database, so that a error like this never cause that much work, that need to be re-done, again!

Ramifications of this error:
  • You may need to re-create your account
  • You may need to republish your resource
    • If this error caused any financial problems, contact us and we will resolve it.
  • You may need to re-post your posts
  • You may need to re-do all edits you did to a site

Best Regards,
The upcoming Tuesday we will make some comprehensive patches to the server, because of security reasons regarding "Meltdown" and "Spectre". There will also be some additional work to the backup system and other parts of the current system. This will affect both the repository as the full Marketplace itself.

So the expected down time will be around 1,5 - 4 hours, but this isn't save to say. We will do our best to put the Marketplace back online as fast as we can, but security is the major priority here.

EDIT: The work on the backup system is already done and will not affect the down time additionally.

Best Regards,